Rebranding – A Fresh Start

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This week’s blog covers rebranding and the reasons a company may need one. A rebrand is essentially changing a company’s image by giving it a new name, logo, or change in design. This is done as part of a marketing strategy. The idea behind rebranding is to create a different look and feel for a brand, reinventing the business identity.

Some changes that occur during rebranding include:

– Transforming the entire image, branding guidelines and marketing materials.

– Choosing a new direction for a business; establishing a new background and a new market.

– Creating a new personality and a new brand message.

Conducting a company rebrand requires a lot of commitment and perseverance, it is ultimately like starting from scratch again, with the aim to recreate the company’s image and for customers to change their perception of the business.

Signs a company needs a rebrand

Current Identity is Outdated

Just like a brand refresh (see our refresh blog), if branding is out of date or old fashioned, you could complete an overhaul to make the brand feel more modern and current. If a refresh isn’t enough, rebranding is the best choice.

No longer reflects Industry or Business

If a business is evolving itself, a brand transformation could reflect the changes that you are making, in order to stay relevant in the market and meet competitors standards.

Marketing New Services, Products and to New Audiences

If the purpose of a business is completely changed and is moving to a new market, then it makes sense to rebrand. If it is marketing new products and services, or changing its target audience, then the brand needs to reflect this.

So, is a rebrand for you or will a refresh do? Just remember that a refresh can keep or update visual elements of a business, just like getting a haircut yourself. A rebrand is the equivalent of a personality change or plastic surgery for the business, it’s essentially a new identity for a company.

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