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What is SEO and how can I improve it?

The term Search Engine Optimisation has become somewhat of a phenomenon over the last decade , becoming an extremely popular term for the computer geeks all over the world.

When we at Manzor Marketing talk about the digital side of marketing with our clients, one of the most common queries’ we are approached with is “What is SEO and how can I improve mine?”.

We completely understand that SEO is indeed a grey area for many business owners in this country. That’s where we come in to inform and assist you in growing your knowledge around search engine optimisation and how it can highly benefit your company in the future.

SEO - What is it

The term SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. This is a ranking system where search engines rank the contents of your website through your domain authority, number and standard of backlinks, your keywords and many other elements.

Taking all of this into account the search engine will then rank your site in a list relative to what the search engine user has physically searched. The closer your site is to the first result on the first page of the search determines how much the search engine see’s your site as a trustworthy and relevant source to promote to the user.

The Benefits of SEO

1. Directs traffic towards your site

As you improve the elements that make up your SEO (backlinks, keywords etc..), your ranking on the search engine will grow organically without having to pay to have your site at the top of the list temporarily. Having your site at the top of the rankings means that it will become easier to find and naturally more people will start to find you when searching for relevant products and services related to your offering.

2. Promotes credibility

In the modern day of digital, a large amount of business is done online, with all the websites and other material that circulates the internet it can become difficult to know what sources to trust. Luckily search engines can generate data about certain sites over a period of time that can help you to differentiate them yourself. The sites at the top of the organic search are often deemed by the search engine to be the most credible. This also makes your business seem more credible and reliable as your website is a vital part of your business, often seen as the shop front of your business.

3. Traffic may convert to business

Gaining traffic to your site should be one of the key digital metrics for your business. However, this all means nothing if it doesn’t convert into customers at the end of the day. Gaining more traffic is important and it is equally as important to impress the users whilst they are on the site. This is in turn may increase the likelihood of the user who visits your site to consider your company as a purchasing option.

How to improve your SEO

1. Domain Authority

Domain Authority refers to the strength and relevance of a website for a specific subject area or industry, for example, if someone is looking for a green Nike hoodie and search for it on Google, online retailers such as JD sports and ASOS are likely to be near the top of the rankings because of their strong domain authority. To gain a better domain authority a website must improve their backlinks coming from other sites. It is important to remember that a company that has a high number of backlinks from websites that may not particularly up to SEO standard will not be ranked as highly as a company with a lesser number of backlinks from a good quality website.

2. Backlinks

Backlinks are defined as links from other websites to yours. SEO can be highly improved with backlinks. It is not about the number of backlinks a website has but the quality of the sites that the backlinks come from. This problem can be fixed by uploading link-worthy material to your site, content that will entice others to share, uploading blogs can be a good way to do this.

3. Keywords

This is how the search engine relates the input to the results. The more relevant keywords are, the more likely the result will appear. It is also important not to keyword stuff (placing keywords anywhere without proper placement) or else google will drop the website down the rankings. Not sure what key words to use? Do some research and find the most highly competitive keywords that directly relate to your business and industry. Use Google Keyword Planner to look for keywords that suit your business.

4. Google Reviews

Google reviews is another good way for you to increase your SEO ranking with google. Simply ask your customers and colleagues to write a short review for you on your google profile Have an email ready to send to clients when you finish a project and send them the link. It is free and easy to do.

5. Website Design

Another area to look at to help increase your SEO ranking is your website design. When developing your website, be sure to brief your web designer on your keywords, backlinks and also directory listings. Also, if you use images on your web site be sure to use Alt tags on them – this also helps your SEO.

6. Blog

At Manzor Marketing we are quite obsessed with blogging (as you can see!). If you blog at least once a week you are adding new and interesting content to your website. Google loves new content and this will help to improve your SEO. Also, remember when blogging to write about content relevant to your business and be sure to search keywords that will help you to be found. Also, be sure to share you blogs via other social media channels such as LinkedIn (as we are doing) and link it to your site too.

SEO can be daunting for many business owners, but it doesn’t have to be. If you take the time to research and understand SEO it can have many the direct benefits for your company.

Over 85% of search results come from organic search, so it is well worth the time invested in developing a good SEO strategy.

Gain the edge over your competitors by educating yourself on SEO.

SEO takes time to get right so make sure you set aside time to improve it, it could benefit your company more than you may have ever considered.

If you want any advice on your SEO or digital marketing strategy, be sure to give us a call in Manzor Marketing on 086 1742142.

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