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Shake Up Your Audience Engagement with Fun Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing is immersing existing or potential customers in an experience with your brand. It is an enjoyable way for your business and its employees to socialise with people without being too ‘selly’.

There are many different types of experiential marketing from pop up shops to in-store tastings. Your goals will determine your approach. If you are a new food brand just launched into the market your aim will be to have as much people tasting your product as possible. In-store tastings or cooking demonstrations are great for this. Whereas if you are a boutique second hand clothes shop and your goal is to increase brand awareness and footfall, then a kilo sale is a great way for you to go about doing this.

Branding plays a huge role in experiential marketing. Anybody who participates with your brand must know exactly who they are communicating with and what your values are. This is why it is essential for any representatives of a brand to be brand experts. They must be able to answer any questions that people have for them. If you can create a positive impression for people, they will then associate this positive experience with the brand in the future, which leads to brand loyalty.

A great example of experiential marketing done right is the McDonalds McCafé who surprised people on their way to work with a big ball pit and free coffee.

Here we see customers actively involved with the brand as well as the product. Also, notice how all of the people in this are taking out their phones to film their friends. Most of these people will likely upload this online or send it to their friends thus increasing the reach of the campaign further and creating a buzz online. This is known as user-generated content and is much more credible than advertising as it comes straight from the customer. Obviously, McDonald’s has an enormous marketing budget but what is stopping you from running a small, quirky pop up shop for your customers? Free product sampling is used by companies all the time. It doesn’t have to be hugely expensive to work. Sometimes the best ideas are simple.

It is important to also take your own photos and videos when you run events or pop ups. The photos and videos can be used as content for your own social media platforms. Content that shows customers engaging with or reacting to your brand or product proves to be very successful as it is more credible than paid actors pretending to like it.

Interested in trying out experiential marketing but not sure how to get started? At Manzor Marketing we work with our clients to develop a 360 marketing strategy that encompasses all areas of the plan and its execution. We can help you develop the right experiential marketing campaign for your brand. Contact us here to get started – 0861742142.

In conclusion, experiential marketing is a great way for you and your customers to interact and websites such as fillit.ie make it easy to run such experiences by renting out high-profile spaces. Why not give your customer an experience they will remember instead of just telling them how great you are with advertising all the time?

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