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Is It Time To Refresh Your Brand?

We often associate Spring-time with all things anew and fresh. We spruce up our houses and mow the lawn, activities that have been neglected during the long, dark days of winter. Well, have you ever considered that from time to time brands need sprucing up and refreshing after years of service.

What is a Brand Refresh?

Just like painting the walls your sitting room, a brand refresh consists of updating your existing elements to reflect a more current image of your business. Unlike a rebrand, you’re not going to rebuild your room from scratch but instead give it a fresh lick of paint to make it feel modern and relevant. The extent of the refresh is determined by how outdated your brand looks, but all changes are made to visual constituents and branding already in place.

Overall your brand will still be identifiable but just given a newer feel. Branding needs to reflect industry trends, so a refresh will rejuvenate your brand and let your customers know that your company is still relevant and up-to-date.

While a refresh is not a complete overhaul, little changes can still make a big difference to brand clarity and consistency.

Some branding changes that a brand refresh may employ include:

  • Updating a logo and/or tag line

  • Using a new colour palette and font choices

  • Modifying website design and revitalizing marketing materials

Signs You Need a Brand Refresh

Out of Date/Old Fashioned - If you have had the same branding since you opened your doors all those years ago, it may be starting to look outdated. If you are keen to keep you brand the same because of reputation and customer loyalty, a refresh is the perfect solution.

Changing Target Audience - If your business focus has shifted and now has a different target audience, it is beneficial to conduct a brand audit and brand refresh to reflect this. Your brand needs to attract the right people.

Inconsistency and Confusion - Maybe you’ve been experimenting with different colours and fonts already, but you lost focus. A brand refresh can help you find structure and ensure your branding is consistent across all media platforms and marketing material.

Growth and Expansion – Are you growing your business and expanding your product offering? As your business evolves, don’t forget about your branding. Reassess and ensure it still reflects who you are and what you do, and refresh what is no longer serving you.

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