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How to set up an eCommerce shop on Instagram

Instagram has become the world’s largest shopping center, with more than one billion users using it. It is one of the most popular ones and is a goldmine for all businesses. In 2018, Instagram introduced the feature of Instagram Shopping.

This has changed the shopping experience for users and has made it easier for businesses to sell products. This feature allows businesses to share posts and stories of their products with the option of clicking on the image to have a detailed look at the products and re-direct the user to the website to make the purchase. Here’s an example:

What this means is that now businesses of all sizes can use the Instagram shop as a new channel to sell products to customers. It is more convenient for the customer and it also encourages impulse buying and according to Social Bakers, 130 million Instagram accounts tap on Instagram sharing posts to “learn more” about products.

Also as Instagram does a very good job to blend in ads, sponsored posts, and shopping posts with users’ generated posts on your feed, this is a direct way to market directly to consumers.

So if your business sells products, you have a website, a Facebook and Instagram business page, and your target market hangs out on Instagram, then this feature is worth trying.

Here we are going to walk you through the process of setting up everything, so let’s dive in.

How to set up Instagram shopping on your business page.

First, you need an Instagram business account and check your eligibility for the Instagram e-commerce storefront. Here’s an overlook of the eligibility criteria:

· Your business needs to be located in a supported market.

· Your business needs to sell physical goods.

· Your business complies with Instagram's commerce policies.

· Your Instagram account is set up as a business account.

· Your Instagram business account is connected to your Facebook Business page. You can learn more about this on Facebook’s for Business page.

Right, so you have made the online eligibility assessment, and turns out you can set up your Insta shopping page, happy days! Here’s what’s next:

1. Create and connect your catalog

Your Facebook shopping catalog needs to be synced up to your Instagram business account. This means you have to start on Facebook and move your way to Instagram, so if you are starting from zero you have to go to your Business Page on Facebook and click on the “Manage shop” option, and then you start the shop set up. Here’s an example

The process of reviewing the catalog information can take a couple of days. Once everything is approved, Instagram will notify you when you are ready to go.

2. Set up your Instagram Shopping

Now that you have your catalog approved, you need to connect to your Instagram account. You do this by going to your business account profile, then settings, tap on business, and then Set up Instagram Shopping. Then from here you link your Instagram account to your Facebook Catalog and submit the information for review again, here’s an example:

Once everything is approved, Instagram will notify you and you can finish setting up the details and begin tagging your products across stories and posts.

3. How to tag products on Instagram shopping posts

Tagging products to your images is similar to tagging people to your images on your personal account. You tap on “add photo”, then write a catchy caption, and tap on “tag products” and find the products of the image on your catalog. You can tag up to 5 products per photo or video post, and if you use the carousel post you can post up to 20 products.

And that’s it, this is how you can join the world’s largest shopping center. As you start to post products and content, keep in mind you need to check the insights and analyse the data to ensure your strategy is working and you are getting the desired ROI.

Instagram Business offers many detailed insights that help businesses determine the best times to post, their target audience online behavior, geographical details, age range, etc. This is information is key in marketing as it allows us to create specific content that is useful to the target audience.

Here at Manzor Marketing we strongly believe that Marketing is pure strategy, and that strategy can’t thrive without measurement and management.

So before you dive into this, plan out your strategy, objectives, measurement, and key metrics.

If you feel like you need guidance on how to plan and set up your marketing strategy, we can help you. Grab a coffee with us to discuss your marketing plan ideas.

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