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How Many Hours a Week should a small business spend on Social Media

The World of social media can be a mine field for both the experienced and those less familiar with the platforms. How often to post on social media is a question that we often get at Manzor Marketing.

Posting on platforms once a week will get some traffic, engagement and shares, sure!

But posting twice a week will get you better results? What about three times a week? Surely, the more messages you share to all social media networks the better the engagement would become, right?

Well, it seems that some studies have found the sweet spot when it comes to businesses posting on social platforms.


Studies suggest that posting to Facebook no more than one a day is best, or you’ll start to become “spammy”, making your message less effective. Factoring in the best time to post to Facebook, research suggests that between 1pm and 4pm is best, giving your

posts the best chance of reaching your audience.

How to know if your Facebook posting frequency is productive?

Facebook has an analytics tool called Insights. Simply log in to your Facebook Business Page, click on Insights, and select Posts.

From here, you can check out your contents performance to see when your engagement increases or decreases depending on how frequently you post and they type of content you are posting.


Research suggests that posting frequency plays a less important role when it comes to posting on Instagram, however what you should focus on is consistency.

When it does come to posting on the network, studies suggest the best times to do so are between 8am and 9am, and 2am in order to be see on your target audience feeds. As well as the best times to post, the best days are Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

How to tell if your posting frequency on instagram is successful?

Similar to Facebook, Instagram proves insights and analytics for your posts. These insights can be accessed through the app but selecting the insights tab in the dropdown menu.


The research on how often to tweet varies from study to study, however starting with 3-5 tweets per day is a good starting point. Retweeting relevant content can also contribute to your audience’s engagement.

How to know if your Tweeting frequency is effective?

Twitter has also has an analytics feature to help you see which days are getting the most engagement. When you know how many tweets you’ve shared on certain days, you can easily correlate your frequency to engagement.

Just log in to Twitter Analytics, navigate to Tweets, and check out the bar graph of dates coupled with the number of tweets that went out on those dates below.


Overall, studies on LinkedIn for businesses indicates that posting once a day or 20 posts a month helps you reach 60% of your followers. However, posting at least twice a week would be sufficient but needs to be respected as a minimum when it comes to generating engagement. The best time to post to the professional network is recommended between 10am and 11am.

How to tell if your linkedIn posting frequency is working?

LinkedIn has a limited analytics feature to help you see the engagement each of your messages attracts. However, you can use this as a starting point when you test your frequency to see how posting more or less impacts your engagement.

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