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Good Slogans Stand the Test of Time

Good slogans stand the test of time, they communicate the benefit of the brand in a way which means that people remember it. From Brennan’s “todays bread, today” to “I’m Lovin’ it”, there are several slogans that still have so much meaning for Irish consumers today. This blog looks at our top 5 slogans from Irelands past and present, and the ingredients needed to make a good slogan.

The slogans below are icon with advertisement in Ireland:

1. “Gives you wings”

2. “They’re grrreat”

3. “The best a man can get”

4. “Just Do It”

5. “Because we’re worth it”

So what makes a good slogan? Our two essential ingredients include the following –

Alliteration is a technique that helps phrases to stick in people’s minds. Alliteration is defined by the occurrence of the same letter or sound at the beginning of adjacent or closely connected words. For example, “Today’s bread, today” and “Guinness is Good for you” use this well.

What makes creating a successful slogan so challenging is not only do you need to make it short and memorable, you also have to speak to the qualities of your product that you want to promote. Brennan’s Bread slogan is a great example of this. It tells its audience that their bread is delivered fresh every day, with freshness being the ultimate selling point of any bread.

Brevity is our no.1 ingredient in the making of a successful slogan. No consumer is going to get a paragraph of text stuck in their head. So like the chorus of a catchy song, the slogan needs to be brief that it can roll around in your head without getting too tiring.

So finding that perfect slogan to promote your brand might take weeks or months of trying out ideas and reflecting on the qualities and characteristics of your brand, but once you get it, it comes in a flash. And its potential value to your company could be priceless.


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