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Are your employees using social media?

This blog is going to cover the effectiveness and efficiency of communicating to your target audiences through your employees. The most active way to reach your target audience through your employees, is to encourage your employees to get active on social media; share branded content, industry news and writing their own content. These activities begin to form the basis for “employee advocacy”, at the end of the day your employees all have friends who have friends.

However, in order to have successful employee advocacy, employees’ social media activity must remain authentic, nothing too business-y, clinical or inorganic. As a business you should provide guidance and support to facilitate your employees, while allowing them to maintain their tone of voice, style and genuine opinions.

Don’t forget – Your employees are the heart, soul and greatest asset of your business. An engaged, driven and united workforce is crucial to generating quality products, deliver high customer service and develop a positive brand reputation in the marketplace.

The main benefits of employee engagement with social media include:

1) Increase brand awareness – brands report increased brand recognition from their employee advocacy attempts.

2) Increase engagement - Content shared by employees receives more engagement than content shared on brand channels

3) Increase reach – on average, employees collectively have 10x the reach compared to branded channels.

4) Influence the buyer journey – Customers seek out trusted content when considering a purchase.

5) Increase lead conversion – The majority of B2B buyers start the purchasing process with a referral, and leads created through employees have been found to translate more than any other source.

6) Improve brand perception – engaging with industry influencers is a very effective method of shaping brand perception.

7) Increase brand trust and confidence – people are much easier to trust than logos.

Overall from a brand’s perspective there are 4 main motivations behind encouraging employee social media use today:

1) Encourage employees to share branded content to increase content reach and access new audiences.

2) More effective 2-way channel to communicate with employees.

3) Encourage employees to create their own content online to increase awareness and drive consideration in the marketplace.

4) Connect employees with external industry influencers to increase engagement and influence in the marketplace offline and online.

Overall, an employee advocate is someone that can stimulate engagement and grow brand awareness among their audience through their social media or offline channels. They have an audience that follow and trust their opinion.

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