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9 Tips to Increase Social Engagement

When it comes to social strategy, everyone is looking for ways to boost their engagement.  Themes and markets may change with each campaign, but engagement tactics remain the same. We have compiled a list of 9 proven social engagement tactics to revitalize your campaign and guarantee your 2017 digital marketing targets are met.

1. Timing is Everything

Use Google Analytics to research what time your social posts enjoy the most interaction. Plan your posting schedule to align with the most popular times to increase your reach and maximize interactions with your audience.

2. Increase Your Post Frequency

Not only should you schedule your posts at popular times, you should also aim to increase the volume of your posts.  More posts mean more interactions. The average lifespan of a tweet is 17 minutes on the newsfeed so do not worry that increased posting will appear spammy to your customers.  Find the balance and aim for 2-3 updates a day on each platform.

3. 2017 is All About Video

We have seen and heard that a post with an image gets more engagement than a post without.  However, this year video is taking over with HubSpot finding that four times as many consumers would prefer to watch a video about a product than to read about it. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all accommodate video, with the former two allowing live video feed on the platforms. Take advantage and share video snippets to your audience.

4. Share Content More Than Once

It is surprising how many businesses do not promote their content more than once. Blog posts and video take time and work to produce, so do not miss the opportunity to make the most out of this investment. Promote your content when it goes live, the following day and also promote it the following week, two weeks and one month later.


5. Name Drop

Tagging people in your social posts, whether they are influencers, affiliates or followers, create connections and help build your online community. Keep the personal touch and make “shout-outs” part of your social strategy.

6. Be Attentive

Accounts that respond in a timely manner to comments and requests are rated highly and retain their followers. When it comes to complaints, a quick response shows great customer service and reliability. You cannot afford to have complaints online go ignored so ensure that all accounts are managed so this never happens.

7. Start The Conversation

Take action when it comes to social media and start the conversation. Share research or findings with your audience and ask them for feedback on their experiences. This can be a great way to generate marketing ideas as you hear exactly what your consumer wants.

8. Reward Your Audience

Competitions and giveaways are definitely a big pull for social engagement. Sharing “online exclusive” deals with your audience will also build trust and loyalty to your brand as they enjoy feeling that they are getting something special.

9. It Can’t All Be Business

Share entertaining or humorous content to liven up your feed and encourage more engagement. Users are more likely to share content that has made them laugh or smile. It is also a great way to show the personal side of your brand.  

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